Teambuilding Cookery Challenge

On arrival to the venue guests gather to enjoy light refreshments before heading to the function room, which for today has been transformed into a temporary cookery workshop and where the guests will receive an overview of the day.

Teams are created and our ice breaker is a fun Spice Quiz which gets the individuals working together and the competitiveness of team spirit begins. Anita begins the day with an interactive cookery demonstration and fields questions to the teams, and with no paper or pens insight, they need to listen and share information which is key to what is about to happen.

After the all important Health and Safety brief, the teams are unleashed on the challenge to recreate the curry they have just seen prepared.  It’s not long before the teams are sharing some competitive banter as you mix employees up to create a new dynamic to your workforce. It’s not unusual to include some ‘barter’ of ingredients or negotiations to add a little spice to the cooking!

Under tight challenging timescales, the participants are expected to complete the cooking challenge, garnish and present their dishes to be judged by an independent professional chef.

As the ‘hands on’ experience comes to a close, the teams return to the restaurant to share the dishes they have made, complemented by a range of other Asian dishes all served by the restaurant team.