Spice Blending

This workshop is geared to breaking down the barriers that exist in the workplace and to bring individuals together to get them working towards a common goal.

The team building activity begins with refreshments and an overview of what’s about to unfold; health and safety in our temporary kitchen is explained, before Anita introduces the workshop and shares her expertise in the art of blending fine spices, the extreme heat based around the chillies and talks about the team building task.

Each team needs to quickly identify the strengths of their team members; cooking creativity, packaging design and the all important presentation of brand to prospective customers.

Our spice blending workshop cleverly introduces innovation by asking the team to create their own unique blend of spices which is then the basis of a sauce to create their own Indian dish.  As the culinary enthusiasts prepare the sauce, other team members are responsible for the packaging of the product, pricing and the all important presentation to potential stockists of your product.

All these elements are present in your business, albeit in a different form and this workshop helps enforce the importance of product, placement and brand in a competitive market place.

Dates for this cookery course are coming soon. In the meantime check out our other courses.