Mum’s Kidney Bean and Mixed Lentil Dhal Recipe

Since it’s national vegetarian week, from 16-22 May, we’ve decided to celebrate by bringing you a number of mouthwatering Indian veggie recipes this week. First in line is my Mum’s whole rajma (kidney beans in english), with maahn (black beans in english) and moth dhal. This mixed whole bean dhal is slow cooked to create an earthy, creamy dhal of the type that would have graced many a rajah’s table.



A half cupful of quantities of the moth and maahn/ handful of rajma
Cold water for boiling (four volumes of water)
2 green chillies, (finely chopped) according to taste
3 cm cube of fresh ginger root grated
1 tsp whole cumin seeds 1 teaspoon salt
three fresh ripe flavoursome tomatoes (whizzed in a blender)
1 teaspoon gharam masala
1 tsp light olive oil/ghee


    • Bring dhal to the boil with salt turn down and simmer on a medium heat. After 10 mins add grated ginger and chopped chillies.
    • Cover the pan, after 30 mins turn down to a low heat. Cook lentils for a good hour, or slightly longer until the lentils are soft between fingers. If the lentils start to thicken too much add a little boiling water to the pan.
    • Heat the oil in a heavy bottomed pan. When hot, add the cumin seeds until they sizzle and turn a golden brown. Now add the blended tomatoes and cook until they are well combined to form a rich paste. Stir in the gharam masala. Add the spicy paste mixture to the cooked lentils and bring back to the boil mixing thoroughly to allow the paste to disperse evenly throughout the dhal.
    • Simmer the dhal for five minutes, sprinkle with finely chopped coriander and spring onion and serve with chapattis or rice and lemon/lime achar. *Tip – For an extra richness add a tablespoon of single cream

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