Anita Sharma-James corporate team building events are themed around Indian Cookery Challenges.

Your company’s greatest asset is its people, and investing in its people through personal development will give your company the edge in today’s competitive business world. Whilst many aspects of business plans can be focussed in internal meetings within your office, taking employees out of their work environment to participate in team building challenges increases concentration, encourages participation from all levels of employees and when you add a little competitveness through team activities, suddenly you have taken the day to a new level.

Anita has a range of Indian Cookery Challenges creating a fun way to engage a team of individuals to work towards a common goal.  Cooking in collaboration fosters a creative new way of learning, especially for those individuals who don’t naturally work within a team framework.

Recognising the uniqueness of your employees and your business Anita will tailor make your team building event to complement your business message and will by the end of the day have each and every participant going home with new skills and tactics that will tomorrow be taken into the workplace.

All the challenges are ‘hands-on’ with a competitive spirit which helps breaks down any barriers of position, to develop a team spirit and identify new and hidden skills within groups.

Indian cookery team bulding challenges can be incorporated into a conference programme or be a stand alone event, be delivered in a venue of your choice or be hosted at one of Anita’s partner venues throughout the UK.

Why not take a look at some of our current corporate cookery events below? Or get in touch for more details:


Teambuilding Cooking Challenge

Our most popular teambuilding challenge, this is a day programme which brings together individuals to work as teams, enjoy demonstrations, hands on cookery and then finishes with the group sharing their culinary delights complemented by additional dishes to create a tasty, talkative end to a fun day.

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Spice Blending – the ancient art of fine Asian cuisine

Taking your employees out of the workplace and into the kitchen is a great leveller. No one has the upper hand by title or experience, as they all begin to understand the importance of working together as a team and delivering, from a range of ingredients, a tantalising Asian flavour to create tasty dishes that they may never have thought possible!

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Complement your Asian food with fine wines

Dispelling the myths that Asian food and complex wines don’t mix, Anita presents an excellent workshop and poses questions to the audience.  Whether you choose ciders, beers or wines for your workshop, your guests will enjoy learning how spicy food complements great drinks from around the globe.

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