‘The Art and Science of Indian Food’

Indian born Anita Sharma-James is an inspirational Indian cook, speaker, writer and health advocate. A former medical research scientist, Anita loves to share the cultural history and culinary experiences of her Indian heritage (Art), together with her scientific knowledge of the health benefits of Indian herbs and spices (Science), in a creative, fun way. Anita has given hundreds of people the confidence to cook Indian food.

“I strongly believe that enjoyable food experiences can be powerful and life changing, leading to improvements in health, wellbeing, and happiness.”

Anita Sharma-James PhD started her business in 2007 after working for ten years as a medical research scientist. Anita has always had a passion for Indian food and cookery and after much persuading from her friends, she took the plunge and set up her Indian cookery school, The Spice Trade.

Over the years, Anita’s business has evolved from more than just a cookery school and offers fabulous cookery demonstrations/lessons, educational talks, cookery team building days, training events, wine tasting and high-end catering. Staying true to her passions, every aspect of Anita’s work focuses around her ethos of teaching transferrable Indian culinary skills. Through teaching about the health benefits of using local produce and Indian herbs and spices, Anita hopes to inspire people to learn new skills in the kitchen, which will serve them across all types of cookery and not just Indian cuisine.

Food brings people together and through a shared interest in Indian cookery and the country’s culinary heritage and culture are all aspects of Anita’s own heritage which she passionately shares with each of her workshop attendees and audiences at her food events.

Anita is also a published author, having published ‘A Life of Spice’, an Indian cookbook of her mother’s best recipes, which also recounts the story of her parents’ journey from India to the UK.


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