In today’s world, we are all extremely busy people and Anita understands that her cookery class dates are not the perfect fit for everyone which is why she offers the Private Cookery Experiences.

These experiences are delivered in the privacy of your own home and it’s a great way to cook together with a friend who is an expert in Indian food.

From the outset, Anita will discuss with you your personal preferences in food, diet, wines and how many you will be catering for during the teaching cooking time.  Anita will create the shopping list, check you have the necessary utensils, purchase all the ingredients for your event and will arrive on your doorstep with everything you need.

The time spent in the kitchen is very informal, one to one cookery where you can experiment with Indian dishes under Anita’s expert guidance.  You will learn tips and hints to finesse your cooking skills and there is an air of calm as you work together.

Whether you choose to be serving to your partner, family or a few invited friends, Anita will ensure that all your dishes are prepared and ready for your guests’ arrival.  She can prepare some tasty Indian canapés, help you choose the accompanying wines for your dinner and even help you get the dining room ready.

As you welcome your guests, Anita is on hand in the kitchen to put these finishing touches to your Indian cookery, helps to serve then quietly tidies up the kitchen and equipment and leaves your house letting you relax with your family or friends to enjoy after dinner conversation.

The private cookery experiences can be purchased through our gift vouchers section and we have a range of options as to what they will include.  This can form the basis of your home entertaining and can be added to when you discuss your full requirements with Anita.